Homefront Magazine

     Bangor, Pennsylvania and the Slate Belt had the distinction of publishing the "Homefront", a quality monthly magazine that was sent to area veterans during World War II. This non-profit endeavor carried news, pictures, and letters from the folks at home to their men and women in the service also featuring messages of inspiration and the ever popular "Fairest of the Month".

     Officially recognized as the only wartime publication of its kind, it was founded by J. Horace and Mona L. Strunk of Bangor. There is no telling how positive a morale booster the Homefront was to our troops or how much good was done at a time when our men and women were fighting to preserve our freedom and way of life.

     Highly collectible, the Homefront still provides later generations with an unequaled slice of what life was like in a typical small American town during the 1940's and personalizes the sacrifices made by all Americans during WWII.

     The Homefront is proudly displayed in the Pennsylvania State Museum, the Ernie Pyle Museum, the Army Air Forces Historical Association, local libraries and other places of interest. Homefront is also included in the recently released book, "I'll Be Home For Christmas; the Library of Congress Revisits the Spirit of Christmas During World War II."

Homefront of the Slate Belt Inc. Bangor, Pennsylvania, USA

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