Dedication and Credits

Chris Wolfe, 16 yrs old, 1998 - Eagle Scout


Hi! My name is Chris Wolfe. I attended the Bangor School District while creating the initial Homefront World Wide Web Pages. I graduated from Bangor Area High School in Bangor, PA in 2001, college in 2005 and in 2010 earned a PhD in Physics from Lehigh University. The Homefront World Wide Web Pages were created as part of my Eagle Scout project while I was a high school student. I dedicate this page to all the people who assisted me in the project. I have listed their names below.


William Joseph Wolfe - 1924-1972

I also dedicate this page to my grandfather, the late William Joseph Wolfe, who proudly served in the South Pacific during World War II for the United States Navy.

A'Hearn, Kevin Sr.
Byrd, Judy
Capone, Jason
Ciccarelli, Michael
Dungan, Heather
Giles, Delma
Giles, Maxine
Itterly, Matthew
Knibbs, Thomas
Morris, Perry
Phelan, Tim
Pinto, Matthew
Reed, Rhonda
Smith, Lauren
Tharp, David
Wolfe, Bob
Wolfe, Carol




I thank each one of the people listed here and any which I have neglected to list here who assisted me during the development of this web site.

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