Strunk home and Homefront headquarters

Above: 118 Pa. Ave., Bangor, PA

Probably the most photographed Pa. Ave. address during WWII with the possible exception of another Pa. Ave. address -- that of 1600 Pa. Ave.

Here is a letter about the home and founders of the Homefront magazine, written by Chip Turtzo to the visitors of this website:

Homefront© magazine was the only wartime publication of its kind in America and originated at 118 Pa. Ave. in Bangor, Pa, the home of J. Horace and Mona L. Strunk. It is difficult to imagine how two people from a small town (pop. 5,000) could dedicate themselves for a four year period, recruit the efforts of churches and volunteers, and produce a quality 64 page monthly magazine they called Homefront©.

Day in and day out they wrote, researched, edited, photographed, carried messages of hope and inspiration, and tracked the movements of sons, daughters, husbands, wives, and fathers who served all over the world. Through local churches, Homefront was sent to each and every local man and woman serving their country during World War II. It is hard to put into words what this magazine meant to our troops or how positive a morale booster the Homefront was at a time when our young men were fighting to preserve freedom and our way of life. This "piece of home", a "furlough in a magazine", gave them a purpose and something to fight for.

Homefront© still provides later generations with an unequalled slice of what life was like in a typical small American town during the 1940s and personalizes the sacrifices made by all Americans on both the war front and the home front.

We owe a great debt of gratitude to Horace and Mona Strunk, and all those unheralded contributors who made the Homefront© possible. Its spirit is still alive and well.

Edmund "Chip" Turtzo
President, Homefront of the Slate Belt, Inc.


The house as it appears today

The plaque that was placed on the house during its dedication

Homefront of the Slate Belt Inc. Bangor, Pennsylvania, USA

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