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The “Fairest” of All

Homefront of the Slate Belt, Inc. pays special tribute to Mona L. Strunk who passed away on February 11, 2002 at the age of 97.

How ironic that her story appeared in the newspaper on February 14th – Valentine’s Day – since the Homefront magazine has been called the “Big Love Letter from Home.” It was, in fact, the love letter read across the globe, a soldier’s link to a life beyond foxholes and rations.

The affection that our soldiers and sailors from World War II had toward Mona is still spoken of by friends and surviving area veterans in remembrance of her. Mona’s tireless efforts to keep the Homefront magazine going and her compassion to our troops will never be forgotten.

And so, an era has passed. Mona has joined her husband Horace in a special place reserved for those rare individuals who unselfishly gave of themselves, who impacted other people’s lives beyond the spoken word. They truly made a profound difference in the hearts and lives of people at a time when it was needed the most. J. Horace and Mona L. Strunk deserve their place in history and they should know that their spirit lives on in the legacy of the Homefront magazine.

Edmund “Chip” Turtzo
Pres. – Homefront of the Slatebelt, Inc.